• So I am planning on the rest of the work on the house and the move to be done by the 2nd week in December! That is when I plan on going full-time with GSM content! Tell me what you would like to see the most!

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    When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, change who can see it or it's been deleted.

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  • We have been watching the latest XFlare unfold. Here is SpaceWeatherLives analysis,
    “ We finally have all the data we need to come to a conclusion as to what to expect of the coronal mass ejection launched by the X1.0 solar flare. The coronagraph imagery from SOHO/LASCO shows us a dense partial halo coronal mass ejection with the bulk of the e…Read More

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  • Still got to trim, cove base, grout more 😆, do the built-in storage bench, caulk, paint, shower rods, towel bars, curtain rods, epoxy tub & sink Ummm cheapest bathroom reno at least. That’s what you get when you have no budget lol somehow over the past 8yrs this magic happened. We gutted. We bled. We cried. A lot. We got the new roof on. We r…Read More

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    Bare with us we are beta testing to make things run smooth as possible!

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