Almost a year ago…

Its been almost a year since GOOGLE uprooted our monetization for our channel covering Solar Physics… They say our message about Natural Cycles is HARMFUL and DANGEROUS for the public to be exposed to. THINK ABOUT THIS PEOPLE!!!

The thought still knocks me on my ass, how can this be possible. This is my passion and it has been shat upon by big corp.

How incredibly pathetic for our society to accept these companies censoring anything like this with no debate.

People turning their heads not saying anything is the problem.

I will fight and sacrifice my life’s work to speak the truth. I walk with God and the other Earth Angels trying to turn the tides.

Anyway.. I was just reading dorky physics papers as usual… thinking how much information we have and how underutilized it really is.

I am currently researching magnetic physics this paper for example, the magnetic field uses sound waves to ignite the Sun’s Ring of Fire…. the power of Sound, Frequency and Vibration is everything Nikola Tesla tried to convey… everything is energy… Magnetic fields create light, all magnetic fields hold consciousness with the state being defined by its amplitude, wave length and frequency. All matter is energy and holds these energetic principles. Tesla was a prophet whether you like it or not, I have learned so much from his teachings.

It is really shocking to me how few look and admire the huge impact the Sun has on our daily lives. Historically it held the answers to everything for our ancestors… Now people do not look up to the closest life giving celestial object hanging in the sky, our Sol.

Most people I know dont give a crap about all the research and warnings we have given about the Grand solar minimum, which will bottom out by 2030. Its like hardly anyone cares, its shocking to me… Cognitive dissonance is a legit factor.

I guess Isis and Egyptians were “crazy” about the sun.

Personification aside…Empires rise and fall during grand solar minimums, this is a cycle we have not seen in about 400 years. Plus we are due for several other natural cycles layered on top of each other… the masses stare blankly. Don’t even start with the quantum string theory of consciousness Mari 😕

I have been studying the sun for a long time, I should have my masters by now but I do not believe in the Rothschild institutions.

Obviously my study entails observing magnetic field behaviors… The unseen world holds so many answers to the quantum realm. Zero point and natural principles are everything you need to understand the power of organic creation & self realization down to an atomic level. Everything points to a elecromagnetic mental universe, even in the Bible.

Selfish greed has held humanity back from so much, in particular their own knowledge base has been hidden and personified in parables and repeating patterns…people are too consumed by outside world to even gain understanding.

It’s time for humanity to wake up and hold themselves personally accountable for the knowledge we obtain. It is your responsibility to educate your own mind. The modern age has given you tools to research and its not found in the main stream news. Use the tools or be distracted by a system that cares little of your wellness and personal needs… be a slave to some other collective’s dogma. The two sides are just an illusion to hide the middle road… that road above duality, where peace and love reigns….

The levels of conciousness are beyond spirituality and religion. This is human evolution and should be taken a lot more serious than a pseudo science. It’s our future. Dont put it aside because its “hard” or you “don’t have time” or its “no fun”

There is a legit ladder to human consciousness and if you are not on the ladder, you are spinning on the wheel until you repeat and find the ladder once again. Every historic text has the message of rising above dual mindset encoded in it…

Every secret society knows exactly what I am speaking of… the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, Followers of Mary Magdalene and True Teachings of Jesus outside of the manipulated text by the controling Pharisees and Roman Empire. This is why the Bible repeatedly warned against the institutions and organized churches… The greed and control ruled over love and natural principles. It’s encoded into many songs and movies. You have to just open your loving eyes and start to see from another more zoomed out perspective. It takes work practicing empathy and the art form of perspectives.

Evolving the human brain is imperative for the survival of our species. Its not pretty fixing what’s broken…

I often times think this broken system was created purposely for everyone to understand true gnosis. Historically we only have ever been able to learn through pain and suffering.

Jesus true teachings of consciousness was and is still the path of salvation. He understood the chakras and meditation. He was the poster boy for the divine masuline. Mary was the divine feminine but robbed of her role the day the imbalance begun.

The churches got it wrong choosing preachers who were not truly holy or non dual. There are those who understood how to teach the truth and those that took advantage of the truth for personal gain.

The truth is we are all from the same point of creation. We are one, while we look different and come from different collectives of consciousness, that tree that we all spawn off of is connected.

We are all connected not by color, race, religion but ENERGY. Divine Energy, energy from the source of ALL creation.

We are cut from the same electromagnetic fabric. The practice of mindfulness and consciousness leads to actualization.. you do not get instant gratification. It takes work so if you dont get me I am sorry lol… I call it mental kung fu, clearing the dogma fails of the past. You can learn a lot in silence and observation by listening. Problem is people are too busy with their own thoughts to listen to divinity in silence.

Do not underestimate the power of your mind.

I think all mothers should be standing up demanding better for their children. What generations of old is corrupt and flawed, we can not build a foundation of life on this.

Where are the other guardians?

We are coming to change the paradigm.

If you have questions message me. I am a warrior for peace, this army needs more people marching for balance. We will not be controlled by the material realm.

All that is natural is the only way to win…this is based on natural principles and by physics the structure above duality itself is destined to be stable.

Find your roots and remember who you are and where you came from. Our ancestors are not playing around with the ignorance that abounds. Question everything, even time as it is only a perspective. Mari Space Angel Rant Over.

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