Hey this is Mari… I have spent my life searching to understand the inner workings of mankind. I am a student of life and I hope share my experiences and giving others a safe place to share cosmic knowledge. WTF means where’s the faith to me… I refuse to loose hope for humanity.

Peek within my brain: 🧠 Religion, esoteric, hermetic and other spiritual texts is to an extent…is science personified, masculinized, mostly stripped of female essence. Broken down to energy physics.

It’s just the discernment between a positive, a negative and the true power of the neutral within any particular variable teetering amongst the chaotic imbalance of the heavily weighted masculine energy and “lessor” weighted feminine energies…where wisdom lies. God is the always conscious ground, all knowing and the zero point of all unanswered beginnings. His/Her perception is rounded and can see from all sides.

Some ancient texts go further than modern science by recognizing the different properties of masculine and feminine energy within thier positive, negative, neutral states. All fragments of history are pieces to the puzzle to this thing you call life. How far detached we have come from the actual teachings? It’s encoded in our DNA but few tune into that frequency. There is meaning written into everything… it seems science got turned into witchcraft by religion along the way, I believe to scare, separate, control and keep people from understanding the God given natural power hiding within your material body, Gods hidden seed, your natural spirit.

Are you living freely or have you fallen for the indoctrinated routine they call life? The three wise men magi, Moses parting the waters? Magnetic energy field manipulation explains weird mythology, it’s not necessarily a myth, but an obscured truth, not magic but science…magnetics partnered with particle physics… everything truly has sound frequency and vibration… What have the winners of his-story stolen from us? Everything. Natural medicine, natural cycles, natural anything really… we don’t even sing and dance anymore, each generation stripped of natural essences in every passing second.

You are forced to comply. God, (creator, source, zeropoint) is 💗 love. How can you be wrong being heart centered? 🙏💗🙏 A prayer is an intent cast off to energy (frequency, sound, vibration), unanswered prayers are lessons to strengthen you to help you tip the scales of balance. This is the doubleness of life you must balance.

I believe God and I believe Jesus, Buddha and Hindu deities were an attempt to teach others about the mysteries of life that were stolen from you, the truth manipulated by the indoctrination camps for modern slavery. Idolatry aside, a fabricated great divide of the people by labels, race, religion, sex, etc. United we stand, divided we fall…we have all fallen… not by choice but by circumstance. Truth and lies are coded within everything to stir confusion and paralyze societies in fear & compliance. The texts so heavily altered by the hands of man, the only way to understand is to feed the seed he / she planted inside you and discern the texts using basic energy physics… remove the labels of confusion…knowing is understanding the multiple perspectives of the positives, negatives and neutrals in any journey, spiritual or not.

The battle now is all organic matter vs the machine we have allowed negative entities to build by not paying attention to natrual law. The science/physics are there to make clones with no soul, no spirit. How far will you let the institutions go before it’s Auschwitz time for the world? We are being robbed of knowledge and sovereignty in this playground for the rich. How unconscious will you become?

Your future generations? They have already hijacked Science and many minds to this slave system. Sounds a lot of what Plato once wrote about with the fall of Atlantis. The losers history written as myths by the winners in his-story. I do not mean to offend anyone but like my thoughts out there to reasonate, I’m not right and I’m not wrong… just thoughts on virtual paper written down to be lost in a future time. I am you as you are me. In the end we are all the same as in the beginning.

Can we lift each other up with out these labels only “they” place on us?! Is it possible for people to perceive my perception accurately? No, not exactly. We are degrees apart with the truth untold to the masses.

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father/Mother is not in him. For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions—is not from the Father/Mother but is from the world.1 John 2:2 I have no love for the material world. I’m keeping this spirit safe & sovereign free. Choosing mind over matter while many wither to matter over thier own minds. I’m weird. I know. If you made it this far into my mind, congratulations lol

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2 thoughts on “WELCOME TO WTFSKY

  1. Mari and Jake, Unbelievable what happened with YouTube. Only if you’re over the target do you draw flak. I’m here if you need me. Email me if you’d like at
    thorvalhalla99@gmail.com to let me know if you need anything, anything at all, and to let me know if you’ll be uploading any videos on to Rumble or Odysee. Hang in there. – Thor

    1. Thank you Thor! If you want to mod again on here I can set you up! the projects I have planned when we go full-time in a few weeks are exciting and HUGE!! We WILL make a difference!!

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